Mar 292013

We had a case where  Office 2013 was used with Office 365,  Microsoft mail in the cloud. Office 2013 needed to downgrade to Office 2010 due a problem with a plugin that was not Word 2013 compatible.  I changed all AppSense Personalization settings for Office 2010. After logging on again, users needed to fill in their credentials again. The credentials weren’t saved when logging on again. Within the session everything worked fine. This is not a preferred situation.

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Mar 282013

AppSense has great support, but their knowledge base doesn’t have the information for Office 2013 personalization yet.
Most of it is fairly simple. Just use the Office 2010 keys, and change everything from 14.0 to 15.0. There is some difference with Lync though.

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Mar 202013

If you are implementing a VMware View environment in combination with Appsense DesktopNow the following ugly picture could be seen in the AppSense Management Console:


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