Oct 282013

Plex is a great media server. The only thing that really is a disappointment, is that Plex Media Server for Windows isn’t a real server.
Unlike the variant on a Synology Diskstation, it won’t run if you don’t log on your computer. When you log out, Plex will be shut down.

This is a guide to let Plex run as a real server /services.

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Oct 252013


  • HP Thin client T610
  • Citrix XenApp 6.5
  • Webinterface 5.4
  • McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 on Thin Client.

Screen 25-okt 0001

When opening the Citrix webinterface there is no logonscreen available, only a white background with no error massage. After troubleshooting the cause was found in the scriptscan from the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.
Disabling the service or adding an website exclusion to the scriptscan did not solve the problem. Only unregistering the DLL with “regsvr32.exe /u SCRIPTSN.dl” solved the problem.

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Oct 162013

When u have an application that starts from a networkshare and uses local files you could encounter the error “0xc0000142” after sequencing.
The application “Planbord” in this case has an App-V package that has several DLL-files and a link to a networkshare located executable. The Package works fine when y0u start it from the sequencer. After deployment on a Citrix server the following error occoured:

SCRN 12-sep 10.42 0000
In the App-V event log you will see this event error:

“The virtual application ‘\\xxxx.xxxx.lan\Apps$\xxxx\xxxxxxxx\Programs\planbord.exe’ could not be started because the App-V Subsystem ‘Virtual Shell’ could not be initialized. {error: 0x8DC02125-0x40”

This is because the machine where you are running your App-V package from has no rights on the networkshare. The App-V 5 virtual system needs these rights I presume.
Just give the computer account (for example all Citrix servers) read/list rights on the file share.

note: The same package in App-V 4 did not need these extra rights.

Oct 072013

After a fresh new install of the Microsoft App-V 5 client on a server with the installation executable, I’ve noticed some strange shortcuts like “*Russian like text that my WordPress doesn’t like* Microsoft Application Virtualization Client” and “Platforma Microsoft Application Virtualization Client”  This was probably related to the language packs that where installed with the App-V client. But there was no way to remove the language packs. There was no Change or Uninstall button in the control panel. I’ve only needed the English one. so I wanted to install all the other ones.

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Oct 072013

When provisioning a Citrix environment you can come across some problems with the McAfee Agent.  The agent generated a unique ID to communicatie with the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server. As the same AgentGuid will be in the vDisk, the ePO server will see all provisioned servers as one.

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