Sep 142012

A customer asked me to find a solution for artifacts in Microsoft Excel 2010 when scrolling in a sheet. In the following screenshot you can see an example:

The problem occured when scrolling in a sheet or when changing between books.

After trying to change the driver of the video card and updating the BIOS version, I’ve re-installed the system and changed the OS version  from Windows XP 32bit to 64bit. The processor was a 64bit Dual Core Intel processor and changing the architecture of the Operating system solved the problem. Probably there was a problem in the translation of instructions when installing the 32bit OS on a 64 bit processor (Or the software DEP?). Which results in a rendering problem in Microsoft Excel.

There is also a way to disable hardware Hardware Graphics Acceleration in Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013, if this also solves the render problem is something I still have to test. This is something you probably can try first before re-installing your system. Let me know!


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