Oct 092012

In Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 the windows desktop text color is dynamically specified by the OS background color. It is not possible to specify the color yourself. This doesn’t always work that well if you got a white wallpaper. One of our customers had the problem that the text on the desktop was invisible. When they selected the icons the text showed again.

The problem is easy to solve if you know ho to. The problem is caused by the drop shadow. So I’d just disabled the drop shadow. This setting isn’t a ‘appearance’ setting but a setting in the performance options:

Go to the system properties:

Go to Performance options:

Deselect “use drop shadow”.. your problem should be solved now. If AppSense is used, just set the following registry key:




  2 Responses to “The case of the invisible text”

  1. This tip had no effect for me. The drop shadow tickbox only effects the icons, not the text beneath them. I had to change the desktop background color to a light color (Control Panel / Personalization / Window Color).

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