Oct 152012

Since a few months, flash has a great auto-update feature. As most consumers never manually update their software, this keeps their pcs al lot safer. For an administrator, that has to keep care of compatibility with internal sites etc. this isn’t desirable. So If you’re packaging, you’d have to disable the autoupdate.

A lot of blogs etc have the following solution:

Make a transform file. Set the property ISCHECKFORPRODUCTUPDATES to 1

This doesn’t work. Flash still creates a scheduled task that checks for updates.

My solution:

I’ve performed the following solution with Flexera Installshield:

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Oct 092012

Office Web Components 2003 (OWC) is antique. as you can see in the 2003 part. It isn’t supported anymore on the newer Windows versions OWC Page. There isn’t a upgrade for the software. When building a Citrix XenApp environment, there is always legacy software, like this.

OWC is simple software. It is a Internet Explorer add-on that shows excel reports. It contains a few files and some registry keys.. So I thought it would be something easy.  But it gave me a headache. I didn’t work at all. After some googling (Google knows almost everything if you use the right question), I found out that OWC doesn’t like UAC. So I disabled that in our vDisk (we use Citrix provisioning). Probably the reason that Microsoft doesn’t support it anymore.

I did work afterwards when I logged in as an administrator. It still didn’t work with my test user with restricted rights. I got the following error, this is the default error if OWC doesn’t work:

Safety settings on this machine prohibit accessing a data source on another domain

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Sep 262012

One of the benefits of Flexera Adminstudio is that its possible to make one software package and export it to a Microsoft Installer (MSI), an App-V, Citrix Streaming or ThinApp package. As with a lot of automatic processes, this doesn’t always work flawlessly.

One of my colleagues had the following error importing his SPSS App-V package in the Application Virtualisation console. he got the folllowing error:
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Sep 202012

If the import driver wizard from Flexera InstallShield fails because of a more complex driver you can install the driver(s) with a simple custom action. When I eventually got this driver in the package without the driver wizard from Installshield, the msi did a rollback when installing. The following method worked like a charm:

  • ! This guide only works if you have signed drivers !
  1. Create a install.cmd file with the following command lines:
    @echo off 
    %WINDIR%\system32\PnPutil.exe -i -a "%programfiles(x86)%\Service_Key\Driver\ftdibus.inf" 
    %WINDIR%\system32\PnPutil.exe -i -a "%programfiles(x86)%\Service_Key\Driver\ftdiport.inf"
  2. Test the script on your test machine with the drivers.  When the message “Driver package added successfully” appears, your driver can be used for this guide.

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