Dec 052014

The Dell model Precision M3800 has a SSD disk configured as a second harddisk, disk 1. Disk 0 is a magnetic drive.

Problem in SCCM2012 is that I was unabel to find a fast solution for the fact that partitioning didn`t went well in the task sequence. I got different results with different configurations but no disk 0 with a driver letter D and a disk 1 with a drive letter C.

I wrote this diskpart script to partition the drive en format the Dell Precision M3800. It will format both drivers, only for first install`s.

rem ++++ change the bootmedia driver letter
select vol c
assign letter=g
select vol d
assign letter=h
rem ++++ Format SSD drive 1
select disk 1
convert gpt
rem ++ Par 1
create partition primary size=300
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows RE tools"
set id="de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
rem ++ Par 2
create partition efi size=100
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"
rem ++ Par 3
create partition msr size=128
rem ++ Par 4
create partition primary 
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows"
assign letter="C"
rem ++++ Format Magnetic drive 0
select disk 0
create partition primary 
format quick fs=ntfs label="Storage"
assign letter="D"

Create a package with the txt file and run it with diskpart.

Screen 05-dec 0005

The USB ethernet USB-dongle delivered with the notebook should be able to work with PXE. Non the less I wass able to boot only once in 20 try`s in different setups from PXE in UEFI mode.
It does work better in legacy BIOS mode, but in UEFI mode it doesn`t.
More info at this post from John Willes; Dell XPS 15, PXE booting over USB NIC


Jan 112013
  • UPDATED 2012-4-8: The problem got back after re-installing the Site Server with a new database as stated here before in this artikel. Read on to see what caused this problem.

At one point I got an error “Error creating media. Error message is : The hash value is not correct.. Please refer to  to get details.” when creating a standalone tasksequence media ISO.

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Oct 312012

I was unable to install software or run scripts after the step “Setup windows and ConfigMgr” in the task sequence. Simply because they do not run anymore due to the SCCM Wyse post-deployment scripts that run after deployment. In this guide I want to add a registry key to the image that depends on a choice (variable) in the task sequence.

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Oct 172012

In an existing environment with a few Domain controllers we installed a new SCCM 2007 server. From the start we had problems with the domain join function in the Apply Network Settings Task. The domain join did not join the domain consequently. There was a 50% change that the device in the deployment joint the domain.

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