Mar 042015

This is a simple guide to set the default font in an enterprise environment for Office 2013 with AppSense Environment Manager.
At the end of the guide you can optionally download a template for AppSense.
—Please let me know if this post was helpful or you encountered any challenges….



How it`s done:

Word 2013: Registry and file
Powerpoint 2013: File
Excel 2013: Registry
Outlook 2013: Registry

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Oct 282013

Plex is a great media server. The only thing that really is a disappointment, is that Plex Media Server for Windows isn’t a real server.
Unlike the variant on a Synology Diskstation, it won’t run if you don’t log on your computer. When you log out, Plex will be shut down.

This is a guide to let Plex run as a real server /services.

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Oct 072013

After a fresh new install of the Microsoft App-V 5 client on a server with the installation executable, I’ve noticed some strange shortcuts like “*Russian like text that my WordPress doesn’t like* Microsoft Application Virtualization Client” and “Platforma Microsoft Application Virtualization Client”  This was probably related to the language packs that where installed with the App-V client. But there was no way to remove the language packs. There was no Change or Uninstall button in the control panel. I’ve only needed the English one. so I wanted to install all the other ones.

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