Nov 252013

I had some weird problems with Chrome 31.0.1650.57 as an App-V 5 Sequence. The program wouldn’t start. Sometimes it would work as an administrator after some tries. After that It would start as a normal user.

After a lot of troubleshooting and searching a lot in Google, I’ve made an Appv with the following settings.

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Oct 162013

When u have an application that starts from a networkshare and uses local files you could encounter the error “0xc0000142” after sequencing.
The application “Planbord” in this case has an App-V package that has several DLL-files and a link to a networkshare located executable. The Package works fine when y0u start it from the sequencer. After deployment on a Citrix server the following error occoured:

SCRN 12-sep 10.42 0000
In the App-V event log you will see this event error:

“The virtual application ‘\\xxxx.xxxx.lan\Apps$\xxxx\xxxxxxxx\Programs\planbord.exe’ could not be started because the App-V Subsystem ‘Virtual Shell’ could not be initialized. {error: 0x8DC02125-0x40”

This is because the machine where you are running your App-V package from has no rights on the networkshare. The App-V 5 virtual system needs these rights I presume.
Just give the computer account (for example all Citrix servers) read/list rights on the file share.

note: The same package in App-V 4 did not need these extra rights.

Oct 072013

When provisioning a Citrix environment you can come across some problems with the McAfee Agent.  The agent generated a unique ID to communicatie with the ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server. As the same AgentGuid will be in the vDisk, the ePO server will see all provisioned servers as one.

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