Nov 042013

We’re building a new Citrix Environment for a customer with a Citrix Provisioning Server. When the server is booting a script installs software and changes settings. Since this week,  the attributes of C:\Windows and C:\Program Files (x86) can’t be changed by the script.

The error seemed to be UAC related.  “You need to  provide administrator permissions to change these attributes” appeared when I’ve tried to change them manually.


As UAC tends to be a bit buggy, this was among the first thing I’ve checked. But this wasn’t the problem. UAC was working fine. Every change we make to a vDisk is logged in a changelog. So I’ve tried the second last vDisk and that one functioned fine. The only change was that I’ve added McAfee Move to the vDisk. So I tried to disable the service but this wasn’t possible as McAfee Move has tamper protection. So I found the following article.
Do not follow the whole knowledge base article as you will remove the software.

I’ve unloaded the driver and set the MOVE AV Multiplaform Client. I was able to change the attributes of the folders.

mvadm disable
sc stop mvagtsvc

I’ve made a new vDisk with the driver unloaded and the “MOVE AV Multi-Platform Client”service on manual. At the end of the script, the driver and the services will be started. I used the following command in our script:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\MOVE AV Client\mvadm.exe" enable

My problem was solved after that. Everything can be changed and the tamper protection would’t bug me anymore.

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