Feb 242015

Windows 8.1 / 2012r2 has a nice quick access menu with a lot of handy shortcuts. You can access it with Win + X or rightclick on the start button.


It isn’t possible to manage this through policies. If you disable access to certain parts of the OS for users they will still see them in the quick access menu. They just won’t work when you click on them. So I found a way to clean it up with help of AppSense Environment Manager.

I found this great blog explaining how it works. Managing it through AppSense is very simple. Just remove the shortcuts in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\WinX. you don’t need with a file action. Some shortcuts have different names in the Windows Explorer then if you access them through the command prompt. So check the correct name carefully. There are numbers in front of the file name to set the order. So if you want to delete Run you have to delete “1 – Run.lnk”.

The following action removes the administrative tools, the run and task manager.

With a cleaned up quick access menu as result:

You can download the template here

Save the file, rename it to XML and import it in AppSense EM as a template.


Thanks to my colleague Linda Winkens as we created the config together and it was her idea to customize the menu.




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