Jan 022013

The solution to disable the autoupdate on my previous post, didn’t seem to work in the new Flash version.

So I found another solution. Just remove the update task after installation with the schtask command. I’ve used Installshield to perform this action.
First, Make a new mst. Add all you regular stuff. After that, make a custom action.

Choose New Exe, path referencing a directory.


Fill in as the screenshot above. Save the MST.

This works with both the ActiveX as the plugin version of the installer.

Update: Still works on Flash 11.6.602.171

And if you like copy paste (less errors) you can use

[SystemFolder]Schtasks.exe /Delete /TN “Adobe Flash Player Updater” /f

  2 Responses to “Disable autoupdate on Adobe Flash 11.5.502.135”

  1. Thanks. Finding out how it works, often is the hard part. After that, solving is often relatively easy.

  2. It’s good to see someone thninikg it through.

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