Oct 152012

Since a few months, flash has a great auto-update feature. As most consumers never manually update their software, this keeps their pcs al lot safer. For an administrator, that has to keep care of compatibility with internal sites etc. this isn’t desirable. So If you’re packaging, you’d have to disable the autoupdate.

A lot of blogs etc have the following solution:

Make a transform file. Set the property ISCHECKFORPRODUCTUPDATES to 1

This doesn’t work. Flash still creates a scheduled task that checks for updates.

My solution:

I’ve performed the following solution with Flexera Installshield:

Make a new transform file. Open the custom actions of the vendor MSI.

Open the NewCustomAction1

Add -au 2 to the command line. Save your mst. The autoupdate will be disabled and no task will be created. The works for both the Active X as the Plugins installer. you can also disable the EULA by setting the property AgreeToLicense to 1.

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