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  • UPDATED 2012-4-8: The problem got back after re-installing the Site Server with a new database as stated here before in this artikel. Read on to see what caused this problem.

At one point I got an error “Error creating media. Error message is : The hash value is not correct.. Please refer to  to get details.” when creating a standalone tasksequence media ISO.


The log file CreateTsMedia.log showed the following error with a package:

Cannot open source file c:\users\xxxxxx~1.jak\appdata\local\temp\2\_tsmedia_5844\stage\sms\pkg\ikn000ab\environmentmanageragent64.msi, Win32 Error = 32
Failed to hash file, Win32 error = 32
Hash could not be matched for the downloded content. Original ContentHash = 5425D3C7CE1233A3FEBBDCB1A416804F3F6BF0C7, Downloaded ContentHash = 
Failed to stage package IKN000AB (0x80091007)
Failed to create media (0x80091007)

When I re-added the package IKN000AB, the error kept showing up with another package ID and so on. The Package ID`s in the SCCM application where not the same as the ID`s in the Database.
A new database did not solve the problem and after support from Microsoft we installed a new Primary Site with a new database and started from scratch. This solved the problem….

UPDATE: After a few weeks the problem reaper-ed when creating a Stand Alone Media. We recreated all software packages exact as before the re-installation of the site and database. So I started looking at these packages en found one with the following construction:

This package has one source folder with two MSI-files from which two Packages where created. When I changed it to the following situation the Hash error disappeared directly. Two source folders with two packages are even a better solution.

Somehow SCCM does not like the construction and this results in a chain of Hash-errors for different packages. Even for Stand Alone Media that did not contain these two packaged the Hash-error occurred after the first Hash-error occurred used in an Stand Alone Media with these packages.

If time I want to get to the bottom of this and have a proper explanation.

Note: Win32 error = 32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

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