Sep 262012

One of the benefits of Flexera Adminstudio is that its possible to make one software package and export it to a Microsoft Installer (MSI), an App-V, Citrix Streaming or ThinApp package. As with a lot of automatic processes, this doesn’t always work flawlessly.

One of my colleagues had the following error importing his SPSS App-V package in the Application Virtualisation console. he got the folllowing error:
Unable to import OSD file, Error code: 0000C81D.

First step was to check if the format is correct. App-V uses the default XML format so it is possible to simply validate the formatting by dropping the file into Internet Explorer. If there’s an error Internet Explorer will display it.

There was no formatting error in the OSD, so the second step was to find which OSD was the problem, as there were three of of them. In the <SHORTCUTS> part of the SPRJ, I’ve disabled all OSD’s one by one and tried importing them.  I made a backup of the SPRJ and removed the lines one by one but it is also possible to remark the line with “<!– My Comment! –>”.

The problem was in the OSD “SPSS Statistics 17.0”,

I’ve suspected that something was wrong in the file extensions of the OSD so I’ve backupped the OSD and  removed all file extension by deleting everything between:


I retried importing the App-V package and there was no error. Now I was sure that there was something wrong with the file-extensions.  I removed them one by until I found the one that caused the problem

<ICON>%SFT_MIME_SOURCE%/SPSS Statistics 17 Icons/SPSS Statistics Data Document</ICON>

After a long look, I saw that the difference with the other file-extension was an empty “friendlyname”. I’ve changed it to FRIENDLYNAME=”open” and I tried to import it. I worked. I really dislike changing things with notepad so I looked at the ISM in the file extensions to locate the cause of the problem.


There was no file name in the SAV file extension. I’ve added “open” and saved the ISM. I compiled a new App-V and It worked fine.

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