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Exact is one of the few companies that tells you how to virtualize their application.  But Exact’s own guide for App-V sequencing is (a bit of) crap. It is really outdated. So I’ve made my own.

First. Install al your prequisites. Install the version of Microsoft Office that is used in production. I’ll presume your using a local installation, because of all the interactions with other programs. Also Exact uses an Excel plugin. If Excel isn’t installed, the plugin wil not be installed either.

We’ll need to  Install the Microsoft MSQM Server core as Exact uses this. The Exact installation will install this to, but I don’t want this in the sequence. In my opinion, Windows features belong in the build  so they can be patched.
If you sequence on a Windows 7 machine, add the MSMQ in the sequence and use the App-V it on Windows 2008(r2) the MSMQ part doesn’t work. If you have a VMWare machine to sequence, make a snapshot, so if you screw it up, it will save you a bit of time.

Start your sequencer.
Choose “create a new Virtual package”.

Use the default option as there is no package accelerator. Click  Next.

Everything is fine and no issues were detected. We can proceed. Click next.

Choose a standard application. There is a add-in in Exact but this can be solved another way. Click next.

Select your setup.exe. Click next.

Fill in the application name. I prefer to change the virtual application directory myself to a 8.3 notation. I had some problems with this in the past. Click next.

The setup will start. As this will be specific to your situation, I will skip most of this part.

 The only part that is important, is that Exact does not like to be installed on the Q: . Probably some hard coded stuff. Leave the location default to C:. Finish the installation.

Do not start the program.

Check “I am finished installing” and click next.

No first use tasks are needed. So we’ll skip this part. Click next.

The issue is related to the NovaPDF pdf creator. We’ll come back later to that, click next.

Choose to continue to modify’. We need to optimize the package and add some additional settings.


Click on Add. Browse to excel.exe. The location can be different due the version you’re using.

By adding the local Excel installation, it is possible to start the local Excel with the virtualized add-in. Click OK and Next.

Run all application to optimize the package. Check if the add in is enabled in Excel. Click next.

As I use this package only on a single environment, I don’t care about the restrictions and leave it all default. You can change it though. Click next.

Choose ‘continue to modify’. Click Next.



Change all the package settings as you prefere. Naming convention is personal.
Fill in the protocol, dependent of your environment. Make sure the check boxes are checked as the screenshot. Make sure the path is correct. This also depends on your own situation.

Clean up the registry and files. I assume (and hope) this would be no problem for someone packaging software. With virtualization, a lot of people think this is not necessary but I have a lot of bad experiences troubleshooting package that where created with a next – next finish procedure.

Save the package and you’re done.


If you need the Nova PDF part, install it locally with the msi installer. This cannot be virtualized with App-V 4.6 as it is using a driver.


  6 Responses to “Sequence Exact Globe with Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer”

  1. Works fine! Thanks!

  2. on appv-5 it sadly doesn’t work, this has all to do with crystal reports that exeeds the 255 charactar limit.
    crystal reports gives error 8007007a

    Luckily i found a really terrible sollution to this.

    What i did is after the install ( but before continuing in the sequencing) i shortned the filepath of the cr module.

    the path:
    c:\programfiles ( x86)\sap buisniss objects\crystal reports …..\common\ crystall reports…\
    c:\programfiles ( x86)\sap buisniss objects\crystal reports …..\common\ sap buisiness…\

    i renamed to
    c:\programfiles ( x86)\s\cr\c\cr\
    c:\programfiles ( x86)\s\cr\c\sap\

    With advanced registry editor i was able to fix the registry paths to the shortned names, and it works like a charm 🙂

    if you have the same problem ,and need some help, just send an email to myintial.lastname@gmail.com

  3. I was wondering if anyone succeeded in creating an AppV5 package of Exact Globe v4.12
    We are able to create an AppV5 package but we get an error code when we close the Exact application and we have to wait when we are starting the Exact AppV5 package.
    Performance isn’t good vs a local installation.

    Thank you for your help!

    • I didn’t make an Appv 5 package yet. the performance issue is caused by the fact that Exact uses a lot of files. App-V 5 is a Zip File with all the files included and a few XML files. When you start it all files needs to be checked. The more files you got, the more slow the application gets. This cannot be solved.

    • Hey Jeroen,

      i have been successful in creating the appv package ( see the post above) , however, we have only been using it on our vdi enviroment.
      since the latest update i have not created a new package, but i do plan to…

      If i can be of any assistence, just mail me with your number, and i’ll give you a call

      can you also be more specific in what error you are getting?

      • Hello Peter,

        We still have some Exact AppV issues, I just send you a LinkedIn request because I cannot contact you directly.

        Thank you for your help!


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