Apr 282015

Today I’ve tried to install the new Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on a Citrix environment. Everything worked fine as an administrator but the application didn’t launch when I started it as a user. After a short investigation I found the program started fine when AppSense whas disabled. After some Googling I found a similar problem with AppSense EM 8.1 and an older Acrobat Reader version.

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Aug 212013

While building a new Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment we got some weird messages in the Application Manager Logging. Every time someone logged in some random dll’s were blocked with names like t3j5irzu.dll.

I’ve used Process Monitor from the sysinternals suite to search which process was creating this dll’s. I’ve started process monitor as an administrator and logged on to the XenApp desktop with a test user.

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Jun 182013

Note 1: When you want to update to SP1 or SP2 without the Full Media installer and use the separate MSI packages the Management Server website will not be updated with the new client links. This means that you can not download the new clients from this site, only the old one. There is a feature request for this at Appsense (ID0001729).

The procedure to install a servicepack is not included in the Upgrade guide from Appsense. Service Pack 1 contains an update for Environment Manager  and the Application Virtualization Agent.

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Mar 292013

We had a case where  Office 2013 was used with Office 365,  Microsoft mail in the cloud. Office 2013 needed to downgrade to Office 2010 due a problem with a plugin that was not Word 2013 compatible.  I changed all AppSense Personalization settings for Office 2010. After logging on again, users needed to fill in their credentials again. The credentials weren’t saved when logging on again. Within the session everything worked fine. This is not a preferred situation.

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Mar 282013

AppSense has great support, but their knowledge base doesn’t have the information for Office 2013 personalization yet.
Most of it is fairly simple. Just use the Office 2010 keys, and change everything from 14.0 to 15.0. There is some difference with Lync though.

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