Feb 122013

One of our customers had some problems making an App-V for Paint.net on a 64bit machine with the App-V sequencer.
Sequencing worked fine but when he tried it on another machine,the following error showed:

Paint.net had detected that some important installation files where missing. If you click the repair button it will attempt to repair this and then continue loading. The missing files are: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable. The repair option didn’t work.
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Oct 152012

Since a few months, flash has a great auto-update feature. As most consumers never manually update their software, this keeps their pcs al lot safer. For an administrator, that has to keep care of compatibility with internal sites etc. this isn’t desirable. So If you’re packaging, you’d have to disable the autoupdate.

A lot of blogs etc have the following solution:

Make a transform file. Set the property ISCHECKFORPRODUCTUPDATES to 1

This doesn’t work. Flash still creates a scheduled task that checks for updates.

My solution:

I’ve performed the following solution with Flexera Installshield:

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Sep 262012

One of the benefits of Flexera Adminstudio is that its possible to make one software package and export it to a Microsoft Installer (MSI), an App-V, Citrix Streaming or ThinApp package. As with a lot of automatic processes, this doesn’t always work flawlessly.

One of my colleagues had the following error importing his SPSS App-V package in the Application Virtualisation console. he got the folllowing error:
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