Feb 242015

Windows 8.1 / 2012r2 has a nice quick access menu with a lot of handy shortcuts. You can access it with Win + X or rightclick on the start button.


It isn’t possible to manage this through policies. If you disable access to certain parts of the OS for users they will still see them in the quick access menu. They just won’t work when you click on them. So I found a way to clean it up with help of AppSense Environment Manager.

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Oct 282013

Plex is a great media server. The only thing that really is a disappointment, is that Plex Media Server for Windows isn’t a real server.
Unlike the variant on a Synology Diskstation, it won’t run if you don’t log on your computer. When you log out, Plex will be shut down.

This is a guide to let Plex run as a real server /services.

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Oct 092012

In Windows 7 and Windows 2008R2 the windows desktop text color is dynamically specified by the OS background color. It is not possible to specify the color yourself. This doesn’t always work that well if you got a white wallpaper. One of our customers had the problem that the text on the desktop was invisible. When they selected the icons the text showed again.

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