Oct 072013

After a fresh new install of the Microsoft App-V 5 client on a server with the installation executable, I’ve noticed some strange shortcuts like “*Russian like text that my WordPress doesn’t like* Microsoft Application Virtualization Client” and “Platforma Microsoft Application Virtualization Client”  This was probably related to the language packs that where installed with the App-V client. But there was no way to remove the language packs. There was no Change or Uninstall button in the control panel. I’ve only needed the English one. so I wanted to install all the other ones.

It looked like this:


I’ve found the location of the Language Packages while looking in the uninstall key of the registry.
This is where all the information is stored for the programs in the control panel.

you can uninstall the language packs there with msiexec /x “path to the language pack msi” /qn

The roblem is, you’re breaking the app-v package and it can’t be uninstalled or repaired after that. And the strange shortcuts still stay. You can just rename everything, probably the easiest way, but there are better ways. So just uninstall everything, reboot your server and try again, but now in the right way.

If you look in the App-v 5 iso or CD, you can find the following folder, CORE MSI, where there is a an App-V client without the language packs.

Choose for APPV_CLIENT_RDS_MSI_X64.MSI for a clean install. This installs just the client but there are no client shortcuts. So you have to choose a language. In this example I’m choosing English. Go to the folder LANGUAGE PACKS\ENGLISH And start APPV_CLIENT_LP_ENUS_X64.MSI to install the English language pack. After that, App-V is installed without only one language.

You can find all the command line switches here:  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj713460.aspx




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