Jun 182013

Note 1: When you want to update to SP1 or SP2 without the Full Media installer and use the separate MSI packages the Management Server website will not be updated with the new client links. This means that you can not download the new clients from this site, only the old one. There is a feature request for this at Appsense (ID0001729).

The procedure to install a servicepack is not included in the Upgrade guide from Appsense. Service Pack 1 contains an update for Environment Manager  and the Application Virtualization Agent.

The following procedure was used to install the software:

  1. Download the Full Media install from the MyAppsense website.
  2. Make a snapshot or backup of every Appsense server. 
  3. Backup the SQL-database with the backup tool from the SQL management console.
  4. Export the Application Manager and Environment manager configurations to a MSI.
  5. Stop the Personalization service with the “AppSense Personalization Server Configuration” tool.
  6. Install de Full Media DesktopNow FR4 SP1 setup.exe and choose “Upgrade”.
  7. After the installation, reboot your server(s).

Now add the new EM client to your Package Library:

  1. Start the managementcenter, “Package Library”.
  2. klik on “Add Package…”.
  3. Browse to the products folder of the full media installation and select the MSP file EnvironmentManagerAgent32.msp. Repeat this step for the 64bit version.

  4. Assign the new package to your collections.
  5. Remove the VM snapshot if used, when the test is succesfull.

  3 Responses to “Update Appsense 8 FR4 with SP1 or SP2”

  1. There is a package of just the MSI/MSP’s available but no instructions on how to install them properly. Can you blog about those steps? support is telling me to do it this way – which makes me wonder why you can get just the upgrade as a 10mb zip file then. Thanks!

    • Hi Bruce,

      If I take the Environment Manager Service pack as an example. Extract the files. Install the following patches:

      PersonalizationServerXX.msp and EnvironmentManagerConsoleXX.msp on your AppSense server.
      EnvironmentManagerAgentXX.msp on your Endpoint. Add this to the packages library in your AppSense Management Console and assign this to your deployment group.

      Hope this is enough information for you. (and don’t to forget to backup everything)

  2. Nicely described post.Thanks for it.

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